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My name is Vincent Vega.  Some might say their life is an open book. . . my life is more like a book of Roy Orbison lyrics.
I’m not one for describing myself so I guess the best thing to tell you about me is what I hear from most people.

I like to have fun whatever the cost!  I’m the go to guy for a good time, I’m a wild man at that I’m very un predictable.  I’m the guy who is handing out and holding a conversation with you one second and by the time you turn around I’m being shown the door for jumping on the bar and acting out whatever Guns-N-Roses song is playing at the time.

I like traveling, especially Europe my favorite place to be is Italy.  The food, the style, all the crazy driving and about all my heritage.

Now that we’re on the topic of all the appeal of Europe its appropriate to mention the type of woman that turns me on.  I like a woman who knows how to carry herself and not flaunt herself.  Italian, Norwegian or Portuguese is a safe starters for physical attraction.

Its pretty safe to say I’m outgoing so I am definitely attracted to a woman who is afraid of herself by this I mean an individual.  If you can’t remember the last book you read or if its Harry Potter forget it.  I can’t stand smokers and I’m not into women with the lower back tattoos.  Aside from that I’m easy to get to know and I love having a good time with anyone.  So if you think you’re up for the challenge get at me for a private party or come check me out at the next Absolute Men performance!

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